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"Serenity Day Spa....a warm place to renew and restore"

Renew, Restore and Revitalize Yourself with Our Professional Skincare and Spa Services...


About Us


Serenity Day Spa LLC, offers more than 20 years of experience providing a full spectrum of services, including custom skin care, massage, Acupunture and waxing. Serenity Day Spa is a holistic retreat offering expert skin care, therapeutic massage and pain management for those who seek the highest quality services within a relaxed, caring environment



Renew, Restore and Revitalize with our Professional Skincare & Spa Services. You are a multi-dimensional person, and we are here to treat your face, care for your body and indulge your spirit. we offer the latest techniques and personal touches to meet your individual needs as they evolve over time. Our mission is to help you achieve a state of balance and harmony that strengthens, relaxes, and nurtures your inner and outer self.

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