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650-838-0111 call/text (9am - 8pm)
650-248-5852 call/text (10:30-5:30))


          Service Hours (9:30-8:00)

  The service hour is different by providers


            Monday:          9:30am--8:00pm

            Tuesday:         9:30am--8:00pm

            Wednesday:    9:30am--8:00pm

            Thursday:        9:30am--8:00pm

             Friday:            9:30am--8:00pm

             Saturday:        9:30am---8:00pm

             Sunday:          9:30am--8:00pm

Early or later appointment available with some providers, please call/text/email to request

1900 El Camino Real, Atherton, CA 94027

We are located in the City of Atherton, but if you are using a GPS it will read Menlo Park. We are located right next to Celia’s Mexican Restaurant

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