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*Do you have ongoing symptoms that you cannot get to the bottom of? *Do you suffer from random skin issues, digestive discomfort, weight control, headaches, low energy, insomnia,  arthritis? *Are you confused about what you should be eating, what is really healthy, and how to navigate through so much information. Please come to see Dr. Lane. You will find out that What you are eating and how your body processes it may be the source of your complaints.


Dr. Shelley Lane: "Current research recognizes the importance of detoxification. This was a practice that was incorporated into traditional societies that has been lost in the modern world. Now, more than ever, we need to find a way to integrate detoxification into our lives. "

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Nutritional Evaluation Free 15- minute Consultation

Please consider to add on your free 15 minute Nutrition consultation when you book any other spa service. 

Nutritional Consultation and Evaluation with Shelley H. Lane, OMD, L.Ac. NTP.
($260. 1 ½ hour)
On-line nutritional questionnaire, medical history, and food diary. After Dr. Shelley takes the time to review all the information, and develop specific goals and plan for you, we meet in person, and review the findings. Here you will be examined and have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about real food medicine. Specific recipes, supplement and lifestyle recommendations will be provided for the month.
Acupuncture can be added on for even more successful outcomes.

Nutrition Consultation Follow-up
($110. 45 minutes)
Time for you to review meals, ask questions, reinforce your goals and receive any support that you may need.

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