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“Lovely little spa in Atherton. I have been dealing with shoulder and back tension and needed a massage badly. I wanted to try out a new spa and I am so glad I did. The masseuse I had was excellent and I feel SO much better, no more back pain! Prices are great and the people there are very nice. I will definitely be going back.”~Jenn R


“An amazing hidden gem! I’ve passed Serenity Day Spa multiple times while going down El Camino never noticing it but I am so glad to have found them! I spur of the moment decided to get a facial with my friend and they were so accommodating and kind about setting an appointment up for me (calling estheticians to come in earlier and moving some of the rooms around). Not only were they so accommodating, moving schedules around to fit my appointment, but we were also welcomed into a nice environment with drinks and snacks all ready.


Besides that, the cleansing facial is 10/10! The estheticians were all so educated and caring. And I left feeling the TLC I truly needed. Although it is not a luxury I can afford on the regular this will be the place I choose to splurge at. And the leave in caviar masks AMAZING!~ T H


“I ABSOLUTELY love this place!!! two thumbs up 


1) Sarah was so sweet and gentle, such a cutie pie! She brought out complimentary drinks and snacks (almonds, Lindt chocolates…) for me and my aunt even though I was the only one doing a treatment :’) I don’t know any place that has this warm touch

2) The lounge area is spacious with super comfy sofas and a fireplace-like vibe! So much so that my aunt wanted to just chill there while I was having my treatment  she totally vegged out while reading magazines and nomming on the free snacks – I thought that was pretty fun… and Sarah didn’t mind at all  thank you!

3) They use the comedone extractor tool for extractions (which I prefer over finger squeezing) that are very “thorough” and clean – unlike some other places I’ve reviewed!

4) A copper(?)-device thing is run over your face to disinfect and reduce redness/ inflammation. I’ve observed that only the more professional and attention-to-detail places do this!

5) Sarah put these warming feet and hand mitts on me – NO OTHER PLACE does this (and I’ve done a ton of facials everywhere) but it is such a GOOD IDEA! they felt so good especially since my hands and feet get so cold when I lay still

6) If I remember correctly, they also put hot stones on your eyes during the facial… relaxing 

7) My face got a bit red after the facial but that’s because my face ALWAYS gets red no matter what – Sarah got so worried and emailed me the next day to make sure I was okay  I thought that was a very nice personal touch, so sweet Sarah!!! And my redness faded within an hour of the facial”~Yen K

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