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DR. SHELLEY’S CORNER: Winter  2022

-----Dr. Shelley H. Lane, OMD, L.Ac, NTP, has been practicing acupuncture since 1984 in the Santa Barbara area and became certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in 2014

* The organs associated with the water element are the Kidneys (adrenals), and the Bladder. The ancients believed that the kidneys are ‘like the officials who do energe*c work, and they excel through their ability and cleverness’. They are the Storehouse of the Vital Essence., which is the Life Force and is associated with the energy we receive from our ancestry. The Bladder was considered an Official in charge of elimina*ng fluid waste. This is essenCal for detoxificaCon and adaptability.

Snowy Night

* Winter is a time to nourish your deep reservoirs. through meditative time, slowing down and getting lots of rest (Like bears hibernating). Keeping journals, catching up on reading, and tapping into dreams and sentimental journeys; bodes well during these winter months. The body part associated with the water element is the bones, so it is a good time to delve into the art of bone broth making. This will nourish the bones and provide a lot of other nutrients that your body needs.

* Foods that warm and nourish. The water element foods such as fish (comes from water), black beans, aduki beans, lentils, root vegetables, miso, warming soups (with ginger and garlic), seaweeds, porridges, mushrooms, nuts, sesame seeds, chestnuts, dark leafy greens and warming stews and soups. Include beef and lamb especially with their warming and nourishing qualities and fermented foods like sauerkraut to help with digestion and impart healthy bacteria to the gut.


*Acupuncture and Herbal medicine can be extremely helpful in improving your immune system and dealing with the usual stress and health challenges of the winter months. Weak sun so less vitamin D; a good time to add cod liver oil into the diet to boost vitamin D and A levels.

*Party season, although fun, if we overdo it will break into our ‘hibernation time’ and use up our reserves. So, take it easy and be sensible. Excess sugar, excess alcohol, and late nights do tend to catch up with us.

Bring in the New Year with good health and happiness.

Cocktail Drinks
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