Microblading or Permanent Makeup

Enhance Your Natural Beauty…

Microblading or Permanent Makeup is the art form of cosmetic tattooing. Permanent makeup or microblading is performed using a hand or machine method. It offers the ultimate service for the busy woman. A “natural” look enhancement with subtle pigmentation that uplifts the face by defining washed out eyes, brows, and lips.

Teri Lynne Crandall has a masters degree and teaching credential in inter-dermal pigmentation as well as over twenty years experience in professional makeup. Maximum sanitation, quality of procedure, technical knowledge, educational background, years of experience, and artistic skills are absolutely critical when choosing your technician. Teri is also trained as a Paramedical Esthetician and has extensive knowledge in scar camouflage and aureola definition. She does a lot of work on facelift scar concealment and improvement on breast augmentations and surgical camouflage on Mastectomies. During the initial consultation, Teri will evaluate your own special concerns and goals, and answer any questions or concerns. Permanent Makeup is a highly individualized procedure, and special attention is given to each and every patient to achieve the absolute best results possible. Corrective work can be done and is priced accordingly.

Kaitlin  McCoy is also trained in permanent makeup and offers services on lips, brows and eye liner.

We fully respect the time and energy involved in choosing the right Permanent Make Up artist for you, and encourage all clients to do the research necessary to be confident in their decision. We are happy to provide professional and client references for this procedure upon request, and you can see some example of our work on our Before & Afters page.


Initial consultation for permanent make up service. During this consultation all questions regarding your permanent make up procedure will be answered. Teri will ask questions regarding what look you are trying to achieve and what your goals are for the final “look”. Color choice will be addressed at this time.

Consultation fee will be applied to any permanent make up procedure.

  • Permanent Make Up Consult $50

Upper & Lower Lash Liner

Enhance and beautify the upper and lower lash lines; also referred to as “lash enhancement”. A great way to make your eyes “pop” out without ever having to use eyeliner again. A very natural look!

  • Upper & Lower Eyeliner   $625 (A more dramatic look)
  • Natural Lash Enhancement   $575 (A more natural look)

Permanent Upper Eye Liner

Enhance your upper lash line.

  •  $425

Permanent Mucosal Liner

Enhance and beautify your lower lash line.

  • $395

Permanent Lower Lash Liner

Enhance and beautify your lower lash line.

  • $295

Permanent Eyebrow

Enhance and frame your face with a beautiful brow enhancement. Perfect for those with thinning brows or aloepecia. Teri will discuss the “design” that will most flatter your face. Perfect for anyone sick of of dealing with messy or smudgy brow pencils. A real time-saver for the busy woman.

  •  $495

Lip Liner

Enhance and beautify your lips.

  • $475

Lip Liner with Light Fill

Enhance and beautify your lips.

  •  $675

Full Permanent Lip Augmentation

Enhance and beautify your lips.

  •  $750


Touch Ups for original work done by Teri or Kaitlin help to enhance fading. Most individuals find they need a touch up once every few years. A great pick me up!

After the initial procedure we include one complimentary touch up WITHIN 90 days. Extra touch ups are for a fee and only pertain to work done in the spa- $150 per site.

  • Up to 2 years: $175 & up depending on touch up needs and procedure
  • 2 to 6 years: $275 & up depending on touch up needs and procedure
  • More than 6 years: full price (a lower amount may be charged depending on touch up)

Scar Concealment

Teri Specializes in facelift scar concealment, improvement on breast augmentations and surgical camouflage on Mastectomies.

    • Prices vary