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Spa Founder and Esthetician

“After all these years, I still love helping people to achieve healthy, radiant skin. But, the best part of my job is the relationships I get to form with my clients. They come in as strangers; but they leave as friends.“

Teri Lynne Crandall is one of the Bay Area’s foremost professionals in Permanent Makeup and custom corrective skin care. Teri has worked professionally as a licensed esthetician and permanent makeup artist for over 20 years. Teri has extensive training to achieve the highest level in not only spa aesthetics, but paramedical aesthetics as well.


Her continued excitement about spa services and skin care is reflected through the consistency of her work, in addition to the professionalism and effort, she pours into her current skin care practice. She loves helping her clients feel and look their best. Her devotion resonates in every aspect of her service and personality. Teri’s goal is to ensure that each and every client has a truly exceptional experience.


Teri has specialized certification in the areas of the 7 Day Jessner Peel, Glycolic Peels, Salicylic Peels, Arginine Peels, Microdermabrasion, and Freactor Skin Growth Removal.


Her reputation has made her one of the most “referred to” estheticians by medical professionals in the Bay Area. Complimentary skin care consultations are always available for those wanting a true “no-nonsense” evaluation.

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