“Teri’s initials…TLC (tender loving care), truly represent not only her service, but her as a person. If you have never seen her before, and if you make an appointment… boy are you in for a treat! Teri has the professional attributes of the highest caliber. From the minute you arrive for your appointment, her effervescent personality, and nurturing style take over, and the experience begins…That “personal touch”, expertise and genuine warmth, make your first visit just the beginning of many you’ll want to have. The ability Teri has to bring our everyone’s “unique” look and personal best are reflected in the procedures she performs on each individual. Teri is a natural “fit” as a skin care specialist and permanent makeup artist. One visit with Teri and you’ll be “hooked” like the rest of us! I feel its a privilege having known and worked with her.” ~ Linday Ruday

“I had Teri do permanent make up on my eyes about 5 years ago and just this past month, January 2007, I had Teri do my brows and lips. I can’t say enough how much I love it all. I rarely wear any make up because I feel I always look finished from the permanent make up. Until I had laser correction on my eyes, it was difficult to apply conventional make up. I really encourage anyone wearing glasses to have permanent makeup done. Teri always seems to have all the latest and greatest equipment and tools, the gentlest touch, great technique and an artists eye. I could not be more pleased.” ~ Sharon Hillberry

“As a professional model and nutritionist for over a decade, my skin HAS to look good. Obviously I would have to be very picky about whom I trust my skin with. I was referred to Teri 5 years ago by my physician. Teri is the consummate professional and has always found a way to accommodate my busy schedule. I love the microdermabrasion treatments with the Caviar Mask, the lash tints, and the facials. After gaining my confidence, I decided to get permanent eyeliner on my upper and lower lashes, and just a little fill in on my eyebrows. The results are very natural and I am very happy with how it all looks. Teri is the only person I would have ever trusted to do my permanent makeup. It’s also impossible not to mention what an incredibly nice person she is! When I visit Teri I feel like I am visiting a good friend, and I am always in a better mood when I leave. I highly recommend Teri and her team to anyone.” ~ Rose Cole, Professional Model & Nutritionist; Wellness With Rose

“As a stay at home Mom, my skin care took a back seat for several years, and it showed! I was introduced to Teri and she made an amazing improvement on my skin. Teri worked with my physician who treated me with 2 IPL treatments in his office followed by microdermabrasion treatments with Teri at her facility. My prior skin issues with hyper pigmentation on my face caused by acne and sun damage were completely eliminated. I now apply very little makeup (if any at all) and my skin just glows. Teri’s knowledge, experience and delightful personality make an invaluable and rare combination. When it comes to my skin care, I simply would not trust anyone other than Teri.” ~ C.P., Busy Mother of 2

“Having a facial with Teri Crandall at her spa is the best way I de-stress and indulge myself. It is always a pleasure to see Teri – I don’t think she’s ever had a bad day in her life… she is always happy and upbeat. The ambiance at her spa is calm, comfortable, and inviting with fountains and lovely music. Teri takes great care to pamper her clients. I love that her place is cozy, lovely and discrete. I always feel that Teri is completely focused on JUST me. Warm foot and hand wraps are just a delightful and standard part of all her facials. I have particularly large pores and Teri is the only person who has given me a facial that can get some of those difficult pores cleaned out. My skin feels so clean and soft when she is finished and I am totally relaxed. I like that Teri attends continuing education classes in her field and is up to date on the latest techniques, products and equipment.” ~ Elaine Horsley, Palo Alto
“I’ve been a client of Teri’s for over 10 years now. She has not only taught me the importance of routine facials, she takes the time to teach me how to care for my skin at home. I am 52 years old and my skin has never looked so fresh and youthful. I find that after all the years in the skincare business, Teri has not stopped educating herself. It seems she is always attending a new advanced training course in the skin care field. I feel that her continued excitement with her work puts her in a league above all the rest. On top of all of this, she is such a personable, caring woman, and so easy to be around. My highest recommendation is always where I would rate Teri. For anyone wondering if its worth the time and energy to have a personal esthetician and spa on board with your skin care and beauty regime. Trust me, it is worth it to have Teri. She makes me feel like a million bucks.” ~ Jody English, Palo Alto
“I moved away 2 years ago and have not found anyone I trust in my new home, Las Vegas, as much as Terri. That’s why I always see her when I’m visiting Northern California. Here in Vegas I would be disappointed time after time by some esthetician in an expensive hotel day spa, who seemed to charge a lot for just doing little other than massaging in a few different creams on my face while playing music and having some candles lit. I could have done that myself for free. I would ask questions about my skin care and would leave feeling that they had no education or idea regarding what I was asking about. I guess I was just spoiled with Teri. I gave up my efforts in Las Vegas after awhile and now just see Teri the 4 times a year when I visit the Bay Area. She has an excellent understanding of her field and I’m always impressed by the results after seeing her.” ~ Jared A. MBA, Venture Capitalist, Menlo Park and Las Vegas